Do you ever have trouble remembering the names of hundreds
of tables, views, and UDFs? Even though I try to give
my objects logical names, there are still times when the names escape me. This
is why Intellisense has been a godsend.

In order to get a sense of the wonders of Intellisense, you should check out SQL Prompt, an add-on
for SQL editors Query Analyzer, Management Studio, and Visual Studio. Red Gate
Software acquired the add-on and is now working on a significant upgrade to it.
Meanwhile, in a magnificent gesture to the community, the company is offering
the current version of SQL Prompt for free
until September 1, 2006. (This is not an evaluation copy; it is the current
version of the software.)

After you download SQL
, you will run the installation program. You won’t notice any changes
until you open Query Analyzer or Management Studio.
Figure A shows what happens in Query Analyzer when you choose the Northwind database and type the first part of a command.

Figure B shows
SQL Prompt in use when creating a new query in Management Studio, using the AdventureWorks Product table. With a rich table like this
one, SQL Prompt is even more valuable. Best of all, SQL Prompt is free. Enjoy!

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