Enter Excel data in multiple worksheets simultaneously

If you need to enter the same data in multiple Microsoft Excel worksheets, rather than copying and pasting the data from worksheet to worksheet, you can use Excel's Grouping function to update all worksheets at once. Find out how in this quick tip.

When you have a Microsoft Excel workbook that contains the same data on two or more worksheets, you could type the data first on one sheet, and then copy it on to the others. But a better method would be to use Excel's Grouping function. For example, suppose you are setting up your grade and attendance worksheets for the new semester. You will need to list each student's name on each worksheet. Follow these steps:

  1. Press [Ctrl] while clicking the sheet name tabs of the Attendance and Grades worksheets.
  2. Type the name of each student on the Attendance worksheet. As the data is typed, it will automatically be entered on the Grades worksheet.
  3. Right-click on any Sheet Name tab and select Ungroup Sheets.

Be sure to ungroup your worksheets before entering data that is not common to both worksheets.

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