Microsoft focuses on caching and security with the release of the Enterprise Library for .NET Framework 2.0.

Redmond has announced the availability of Enterprise Library for .NET Framework 2.0 as a free download from Microsoft’s MSDN developer site. The update provides a bevy of Application Blocks to simplify common programming tasks under .NET. The Enterprise Library is designed to help developers follow Microsoft guidelines and streamline code tasks like caching, cryptography, data access and logging from one project to the next.

There are a few changes to be found in the new library, the most significant of which is a move to employ the .NET Framework 2.0 classes and namespaces. While Microsoft assures that upgrading to the new library will demand minimal code changes, the company is quick to warn developers that swapping over won’t be flawless.

“Most of the changes to the application blocks are internal and will not affect your client code. However, there are changes that require you to modify your existing applications, configuration data, and custom providers,” Microsoft said in a statement. Details of the changes to be found in this release are available at MSDN.

Though no further updates are currently planned, Redmond will be listening to customer feedback and the library will be modified to include support for WinFX and Language Integrated Query (LINQ) when they’re released.