If you’re an IT manager who’s been tasked with finding an ERP solution, you know it’s a complex road. To help you with this task, the folks at InsideERP offer a free white paper outlining the 12 questions you should ask yourself in regard to how your company wants to approach ERP and what you want from an ERP solution. Here are some of the questions:

  1. Do your organization’s business leaders support the ERP implementation project? Are they involved in deciding which business processes are included in the ERP package, how to phase in the rollout and how to measure success with the implementation? For ERP to succeed, executives throughout the organization — especially those heading up the various departments that will use the ERP applications — must be a part of the rollout.
  2. Who are the line-of-business professionals that can be responsible for measuring the business benefits relevant to their department’s ERP modules? Employees beyond the IT department need to own the success of the ERP deployment.
  3. Who will be the ERP project manager? One person — an outside consultant or a current employee — should be in charge of managing the process to choose an ERP solution; coordinating demos and consultations with vendors; leading a team of representative from each area of the company, including finance, sales, human resources and manufacturing; and coordinating meetings between with key users of the new system.
  4. What are the specific business problems you need to solve with ERP? For instance, do you need to shorten product lead times or improve communications with your suppliers? Are there industry regulations to which your company must adhere?

For the rest of the questions, download the free white paper, ERP To-Do Checklist: 12 Things To Do Before You Write That BIG Check To A Vendor.