I’m sure every systems administrator has their own set of

tools which they use daily and just couldn’t get by without.  I thought I would spend a little time to let

people know what I keep in my toolbox, the programs and utilities which I guess

most administrators in a Unix/Linux environment would find useful.

#1 Putty

– The single most useful and most used tool in my box.  If I want to do anything on one of our

servers then I need putty, due to the lack of an SSH client in Windows of

course (and running a Linux desktop just isn’t practical).  It’s free and easy to use, what more can you

ask for!

#2 WinSCP

– Again this one is a must, it makes transferring files to and from a Unix/Linux

server a doodle.  The clutter is minimal,

you want to get the files, edit them and put them back.  Norton Commander or Explorer-like interfaces

can be chosen from, drag and drop really saves some time.

#3 UltraEdit-32

– The best text editor I have used to date. 

Throw away notepad, this will allow you to work with unix line

terminators, highlight code syntax and it automatically creates a .bak file

once you save changes (can be handy).

These are my top three tools, all in constant use!