Alpha Publications’ new report on the European consultancy market shows vast industry growth prospects on the other side of the Atlantic.

Such optimism regarding the European market is driven by several factors, namely:

  • The e-business surge, which is already being succeeded by “m” or mobile devices connecting to the Internet.
  • A huge wave of restructuring and amalgamations now being led by organizations in France and Germany.
  • The emergence of a “New Europe,” which compares favorably with Silicon Valley/Alley.

By studying 41 of Europe’s largest or best-known consultancies, Alpha’s Ken Dawson presents the most authoritative and detailed review of European market conditions and prospects ever (this is the sixth in a biennial series on Europe).

Unprecedented turmoil is affecting Europe’s consulting industry’s supply structure. Alpha projects an aggregate 18 percent annual growth rate through 2005. Consultancies will find fertile opportunities over the next five years due to government-mandated restructurings and the leap from wired to wireless business. The pattern of supply is changing as well in response to newcomers such as Razorfish and marchFIRST, and the abandonment of consulting services by the Big Five.

For everyone analyzing European strategy formulation, competitive situations, market development or acquisitions, this report is of special value. For more information, visit the Web site or call 44-1494-675942.

Heard on the street
Speaking of across the pond, two certification groups have joined forces to offer a Web-based selection service to provide fully accredited consultants. The National Bureau of Certified Consultants (NBCC), which has been pushing for U.S. certification of consultants, has teamed up with the British Accreditation Bureau (BAB), which operates the largest database of accredited professionals in the U.K. The two groups hope to separate charlatans from real advisors through a rigorous and independently monitored accreditation process.
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