SuSe Professional 10.0

just arrived this afternoon and I’ve just started the installation. A

first things hit me when I first got the box was that on the front in

friendly green letters it says “Everything You Need To Get Started With

Linux.” That’s certainly a pretty hefty claim. But then I started

the installation….

It seems like Novell has put everything in the box except for an Open

Source Kitchen Sink. The 5 CD/1 DVD installation set contains goodies

like OpenOffice 2.0, FireFox, Beagle, Samba, Novell iFolder, GiMP,

Spam-Assassin, MySQL, Apache, Java 1.5, etc. etc. etc. The box claims

to include 1000 Open Source programs, but who knows, I havent counted

them. I chose to do a near-full install and when it’s said and

done, it’s going to be a whopping 6GB install.

That sounds like an awful lot, but once it’s done, there’s not much

else I can think of that I’ll need to get some useful work done on the

machine. It also includes both GNOME and KDE, so Im sure if I needed

extra drive space, I could just make my mind up on one window manager

and be done with it.

The install is as clean as any other I’ve done with SuSe lately. So kudo’s there as well.

It will be a while before I get everything installed and configured the

way I like it. We’ll find out if SuSe does have everything and whether

it’s a perfect 10.0 or not.