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Typically, every mailbox in an information
store uses the same global Offline Address List settings. However,
there may be times when you want to associate one or more mailboxes
with a different Offline Address List.

This requirement most often develops in
environments that host multiple companies. While you could work
around this issue by placing users in different information stores,
this isn’t always convenient–and there’s a better way to do

You can override the global offline address
settings for the information store by using ADSI Edit (or some
other LDAP version 3 client) to modify the msExchUseOAB attribute
of the users you wish to associate with a different Offline Address
List. Replace the default global settings with the full
distinguished name of the Offline Address List that you want to

As with any change of this nature, make sure
that you perform full, verified backups before beginning the
process. If something goes wrong, you’ll certainly want to be able
to recover Active Directory.