From smart watches and fitness trackers to wrist-worn baby monitors and smart glasses, wearable technology was one of the hottest tech categories at CES 2015. And, I got a chance to sit down with a panel of experts to talk about the future of wearables, how fashion will be a key driver of wearable designs, and the new security and privacy challenges these go-anywhere devices are creating.

You can watch the entire interview on TechRepublic’s (our sister site) YouTube channel.

About the experts

Jeff Jenkins – Chief Operating Officer, APX Labs: A software engineer by trade, Jeff brings to bear experience gained in the architecture and development of enterprise-class software for Fortune 500 businesses to attack the challenges faced by APX Labs as it grows.

Dan Ledger – Principal, Endeavour Partners: Dan leads the wearables practice for Endeavour Partners, a boutique technology and strategy consulting firm. Dan has advised numerous wearables startups, larger service providers, and OEMs on product definition, service design, ecosystem strategy, and go-to-market planning.

Ayse Ildeniz – Vice President of the new devices group and general manager of strategy and business development at Intel: Ayse Ildeniz leads a team whose mission is to define future silicon features, products and business models which will help Intel imagine and create groundbreaking future technologies.

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