Explore the Windows 2000 Professional command console

Investigate the Windows 2000 Professional command console and get a handle on powerful options such as services control and directory listings. Here's how to find some of your most useful commands from the console.

Windows 2000 Professional includes several console commands you can use for a wide variety of tasks, from listing a directory to starting and stopping services (just to name a few). In most cases, these commands support a few or sometimes several command-line switches or options that control the way the command functions. Just knowing what options are available is a big part of using a command or utility.

You can use the /? switch with most commands to determine the command syntax and available options. The result is an on-screen display of the command's syntax and options. In cases in which there are too many parameters to fit on the screen, you can use the MORE command or export the list to a text file you can open in Notepad. For example, use the following command to display the syntax and options for the XCOPY command, piped to the MORE command for a page-by-page display:


Use the following command to export the syntax and options to a text file for viewing in Notepad (use >> to append to the file, if desired):


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