Thanks again to TR member twilasue for sending me another URL of a bizarre and hilarious nature. According to the Explorer Destroyer Web site, you can “Switch your users to Firefox and make money.” How, you may ask? “Google is paying $1 for each new Firefox user you refer. This is pretty amazing. Now you can advance your ideals, save people from popups and spyware hell, and make some serious money. Millions of people have heard about Firefox and are ready to switch–all they need is a friendly push. That’s where these scripts come in. They’re specially formulated to give just the right push, maximizing souls-saved and dollars-for-you.”

This Web site claims that the scripts can be set for three different settings: Gentle, semi-serious, and dead-serious. “When you install the script on your site, you can decide how much force you want to use to convince your users to switch away from the dark side.”

Be sure to also read the open letter about the campaign. Holmes, Nick, Tiffiniy, and Nicholas–a group of four friends and full-time political activists who live in Worcester, Massachusetts–are the supposed creators of this site. They also claim to have launched a second Web site called “It’s a parody site with jokes about Internet Explorer, but it’s also meant as a serious way to convince people to switch. And when people switch on our sites, we’ll make referrer money, which is nice too.”

The battle between Firefox and IE has certainly stepped up, at least in creativity. I use both IE and Firefox, so I am not biased either way. Explorer Destroyer certainly is humorous, but could it also possibly be legit? Do you think this the biggest new spoof on the Internet?