The mobile device battery is the subject of much debate. Which device ecosystem offers the best battery life? Which platform? Which home screen launcher? Which apps drain the battery the most. The truth is, smartphones are simply demanding on batteries. With network connectivity, powerful screens, and constant use, it should be no wonder that batteries don’t last more than a day.

With Android, as always, you have options. One option is geared specifically toward saving your precious battery when it starts to get low. It’s called Battery saver and almost every Android device offers this helpful feature.

Adding this protectorate of your battery is quite simple. Just do the following:

  1. Open Settings
  2. Locate and tap Battery
  3. Tap the ON/OFF switch until it is in the ON position

That’s it. Now you have to do a bit of configuration. Before you do this, you should know the default settings are pretty good. So just by enabling the system, your battery life will be extended.

There are some settings you might want to look at. By tapping the battery saver entry, you’ll see that you can configure the percentage of remaining battery that will trigger the Battery Saver feature.

You can also configure what systems to turn off when the Battery saver is triggered — such as the screen timeout and brightness. If you’re looking to squeeze as much life out of your Android battery as possible, run don’t walk to the Battery saver to enable this feature that could be the thing that gets your device through the day!