BlogHer 2007The BlogHer 2007 conference in Chicago, IL, included two days interesting and informative sessions. In fact, there were so many different offerings that it was impossible to attend them all. The conference tracks included Art of Life, Business of You, Community, Identity, and Technical. Topics ranged from the very personal (mommy blogging and sex blogs) to the very professional (Web standards, SEO, and tax considerations). See the photo gallery: Capturing the highlights of BlogHer 2007.

Since my main goal was to cover the conference from a tech news perspective on TechRepublic, I mostly followed the technical track, trying to sift the grain from the chaff and provide the TechRepublic community with useful information.

Another one of my goals for attending BlogHer 2007 was to learn best practices about blogging and bring that knowledge back home to the TechRepublic editorial staff and contributing bloggers. Even one tool or trick that helps a TechRepublic blogger hone his or her skills fulfills that goal and makes my trip well worthwhile.

Hands-on information wasn’t the only thing I gained at this year’s BlogHer conference. There were so many amazing people I met – yes, women and men – and the networking opportunities for future podcasts, video blogs, and old-fashioned written interviews are enormous.

I collected quite a few business cards over the course of my three day stay in Chicago, and so I’ll be spending the next few weeks sorting through them all, trying to place the names with the faces and making post-BlogHer contacts. I may even be able to recruit a few tech bloggers to TechRepublic, both in starting blogs and in joining the community discussions.

Overall, I was very impressed with the format and delivery of BlogHer 2007. To the people behind the scenes — co-founders Elisa Camahort, Lisa Stone, and Jory Des Jardins — and all of the other people who contributed to the event this year — workers and attendees — I want to extend my thanks. I’m already looking forward to attending the conference next year!