Exterminator: Security bulletin revised for Microsoft Windows 2000

This week Exterminator examines a revised Windows 2000 security glitch, a new Novell service pack, and a fix for the nasty Stages virus.

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Microsoft Security Bulletin (MS00-020)
Regarding: Windows 2000
Date Posted: June 15, 2000
FAQ URL:Click here for the FAQ from Microsoft
Information URL:Click here for information from Microsoft

Microsoft recently issued a patch that eliminates a security issue with Windows 2000. The concern is that a malicious user could gain additional privileges on another desktop, potentially gaining access to information such as passwords. For more information click the Information URL above.

Novell issues
Regarding: NetWare 5.1
Date Posted: June 20, 2000
Patch URL:Click here for the support pack
Information URL:Click here for more information

Novell this week released a support pack that updates its D51SP1.exe download file. Enhancements include a128-bit TCPIP NLM and removal of the index file for the CD version of NW51SP1.exe. For more information, click the Information URL above.

New virus issue with VBS.Stages.A
Regarding: VBS.Stages.A
Date Posted: June 16, 2000
Patch URL:Click here for the fix
Information URL:Click here for more information

There’s another e-mail virus to guard against. Symantec recently released a fix for the worm VBS.Stages.A, in which an attachment titled LIFE-STAGES.TXT.SHS displays a text file on the users notepad while a script runs in the background. This worm will spread itself using Outlook, ICQ, mIRC, and PIRCH. One quick fix is to block all *.SHS files from being passed by e-mail servers. For more, click on the Information URL above.
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