I chanced upon a forum posting over at EeeUser.com in which a member, Johnx, apparently modded Bluetooth functionality, as well as 16 GB of flash storage onto his Eee PC.

He basically soldered the wires for two USB ports onto the existing I/O controller on the motherboard. Not such an impossible task given that the specifications for them are generally well-documented and readily available upon request. Still, it’s just awesome.

The parts used:

  • 30 AWG Wire
  • Lots of patience
  • 2 x Surface mount USB ports
  • Microsoft Bluetooth Adapter
  • Healthy fear of turning your Eee into steaming pile of burnt PCB
  • Corsair Flash Voyager 16 GB

Hope on over to take a look at some photos of the mod. One thing’s for sure, he just voided his FCC certification.

Now, what would YOU mod onto your Eee PC if you could?