Facebook, the famous social networking site, has made its first acquisition. Parakey, a start-up that’s still under development, specializes in Web platform technology. Interestingly, the site is founded by Blake Ross and Joe Hewitt, who were also the co-founders of the Mozilla Firefox Web browser project.

There’s speculation that the acquisition goes perfectly well with Facebook’s plan to prepare a platform to connect the Web and the desktop.

Here’s a quote from the article at InternetNews

“Facebook Platform is finally making it easy to share experiences with friends and family over the web, a goal Joe and I have worked toward for years,” Blake Ross said. “We are thrilled to join the most innovative technology company in the industry.”

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Across different domains the quest to integrate the Web and the desktop or to make the Web the universal platform are gaining traction. Microsoft’s Silverlight, Adobe’s Apollo, Google’s integration of a feature into the next Firefox or various Web APIs, the gears for the next generation platform, with the Internet as operating layer, are fast gaining traction. What are your views on the various technologies that are ushering in the “Web-top?”