Facebook gets its groove on with HipHop for PHP

Facebook has released a source code transformer aimed to increase the performance of PHP, while Office 2010 entered the release candidate stage this week.

Facebook has revealed a new project, labelled HipHop for PHP that aims to retain PHP's simplicity of development, while improving its performance. It acts as a source code transformer that converts PHP code into C++ code, which can then be compiled with g++.

Google is cutting off support for IE6 on 1 March, as well as other older browsers, on Google Docs and Google Sites services. Internet Explorer users will need to upgrade to at least IE7 to use these products. Statistics show IE6 usage has dropped in January with IE8 taking the spot of the world's most used browser.

Office 2010 has entered the release candidate stage, but is only available to a select group of testers and not the general public. The final version is expected to be shipped in June.

Also making news this week, Google has released Chrome 5, the developer's build for Windows and Mac, but with a few glitches. Meanwhile, Windows 7 has reached 10 per cent market share, according to Net Applications.

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--Posted by Lana Kovacevic.