If you prefer
the precision and elegance of pen input on your phone, the Galaxy Note has been upheld as the definitive Android smartphone series expressly designed
for this purpose. Samsung has a new version, the Galaxy Note 3, that launched on T-Mobile on October 2nd and will be available on the other major carriers in
the United States within a week of this writing. The Galaxy Note 3 is shaping up to be one of the
nicest upgrades to this particular lineup of phones. For a quick refresher,
here’s what we know about the device thus far.

What we know

CPU: Samsung
pulls no punches and is slipping in a Snapdragon 800 series quad-core
processor, clocked at an impressive 2.3 GHz, which will easily tear through
pretty much any Android app you throw at it. Multitasking is expected to be a
breeze with the phone as a result.

Coming out with a massive 3 GB of memory out the gate makes this Android device
the leader in this category, with flagship phones from other companies like
Sony and HTC typically topping out at around 2 GB.

Storage: Available
capacities at launch are 32 GB and 64 GB models with an additional microSD slot
for further expansion. To date, there are precious few other smartphone models
that incorporate the expandable memory slot, granting the Galaxy Note 3 a
distinct advantage over others on that front.

In addition to standard Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities, the Galaxy Note 3
employs the use of an NFC radio chip for services like contact-free payment

OS: Google’s
Android 4.3 will power the handset while incorporating Samsung’s unique and
proprietary TouchWiz user interface.

Screen: Much
like the acclaimed Galaxy S4, the roughly 5.6-inch size IPS display packs an
impressive 1080p pixel count, resulting in an extra high PPI density for that
smooth and shiny look, eliminating any real jagginess on images.

Clocking in at a large 3,200 mAh Lithium-Ion battery pack, you can stand to
gain a whole day of power from normal use before needing to recharge again.

Casing: The
back of the phone uses a luxurious pleather-type material that is stylish, easy to grip, and available in three different colors: black, white, and pink.

Input: A
Galaxy Note simply isn’t a Galaxy Note without the signature stylus, which is great for phone navigation and for signing electronic documents
and credit card slips from services like Square.

Misc: As
a fun little bonus, the Galaxy Note 3 is expected to include a built-in IR
blaster that can be used to control your television set or cable box.