Fashion meets fitness with new Tory Burch Fitbit collection

Designer Tory Burch's new collection for the Fitbit Flex takes wearable tech from functional to fashionable.

Tory Burch has created a new collection for the Fitbit Flex.

The utilitarian look of most wearable tech devices has kept many people from wearing them long term. Figuring out a way to make the devices stylish has seemingly eluded the industry. But a fashionable flair has arrived in the wearables market today, with the launch of designer Tory Burch's new collection for the Fitbit Flex.

The collaboration was previously mentioned in TechRepublic's article: "Wearables and fashion: Blending the two will be a key to success."

The Tory Burch collection consists of three design styles that house the Fitbit Flex within. The options are a brass pendant, a brass hinged bracelet and a silicone bracelet. The brass pieces feature geometric latticework with a cutout of Tory Burch's "T" logo, so that the indicator lights of the Fitbit Flex can be viewed within the jewelry. The silicone bracelets are available in fuchsia or navy printed with the classic Tory Burch logo. Prices range from $195 for the brass bracelet, to $175 for the pendant, and $38 for the silicone version of the bracelet. This doesn't include the $99.95 Fitbit Flex, which is sold separately.

James Park, CEO and co-founder of Fitbit, said in a press release, "From day one, we've known that form factor is crucial to creating a health and fitness tracking device that will fit into people's lifestyles and become truly 'wearable.' We designed Flex with this in mind, but our partnership with Tory Burch has taken wearable device fashion to another level, transforming our Flex tracker into an elegant accessory. Further expanding the ways our users can wear our products, this will ultimately help to inspire users to track their activity 24/7 and make healthier choices."

The versatile design of the Tory Burch collection was created so that women can wear their Fitbit from day into evening, which is particularly important with a device intended to be worn 24 hours a day. Most wearables are sporty and aren't stylish enough to be paired with evening attire. The Tory Burch brass bracelet or pendant could be worn with a cocktail dress without creating a fashion faux pas.