Love or hate Twitter, this rapidly growing social media product can exchange information in ways not historically possible. In this TechRepublic blog post, IT pro Rick Vanover shares his favorite Tweeps for selected IT categories.

I started using Twitter to catch what goes on in the emerging micro-blogosphere in areas that I found interesting: IT, news, sports, and humor. Since then, it has become clear that Twitter has enabled me to keep very up to date in IT areas of interest to me. TechRepublic Editor in Chief Jason Hiner has produced this list of 100 tech experts, and I have created a few lists of my own broken down by specific IT categories. Here are some Twitter groups using the new TweepML service to keep up to date on various hot IT categories.

-Virtualization: Mostly VMware-based Tweets, these Twitter members cover the space well. Here are my favorite 11 Twitter members for virtualization.
-IT News: It is very tough to keep up with IT news, so this group is a list of 10 news feeds from Twitter.
-Storage: Larger IT organizations know that the battle with storage can be long and hard. I actually have two storage lists to recommend. The first is here as my 10 Twitter members to follow in storage. The second recommendation is a larger set, composed of 80+ storage experts from a recent Twitter discussion on the Wikibon blog.
-Relevant Legal Topics: This is increasingly relevant to IT professionals across the board, especially with topics such as Social Media policies for organizations. Virtual general counsel Priya Marwah Doornbos of PMDLegal has created this list of Tweeps that provide good material related to the legal side of many areas of technology.
-Cloud: The cloud is hot stuff, and no Twitter list would be complete without a few cloud resources for this emerging area of IT. This TweepML list has my Twitter recommendations for cloud content.

For each of these groups, I’ve strived to keep it to about ten Tweeps. I find that referring any more can flood your input. This makes adding these groups less intimidating. The TweepML service allows you to add all the Twitter members to your following list in one click.

Do you have Twitter groups that you would like to share? Generate a TweepML group and share it below.