Fans of the Fedora distribution will be happy to see that

Fedora Core 5 ‘Bordeaux’

has been released. The announcement on is a little weird

(and I’m being polite), I guess it seemed like a good idea at the time!

So what’s new in FC5?

  • OpenOffice
  • KDE
  • Mono
    support plus applications (F-Spot, Beagle and tomboy)
  • Xen
  • Apache
    HTTP Server 2.2
  • Enhanced
    SELinux support
  • Kernel
    support for Broadcom 43xx wireless chipsets

DVD and CD images are available for download via traditional HTTP/FTP

or via bittorrent (very

fast). If you want a preview before downloading

a 3GB image then take a look at this screencast.

I haven’t been too impressed with the recent releases of

Fedora, personally favouring Ubuntu; still when I have a little spare time I’ll

install this latest offering and see how it squares up.