was announced by RedHat in 2005 that ‘The Fedora foundation’ would be assembled

as a non-profit organisation with several objectives, mainly serving the Fedora

community in order to:


Provide a non-profit entity to organize and

manage volunteers.


Ensure that the work of these volunteers remains



Provide a fund-raising arm for the development

and protection of Fedora and related open source projects.


Provide an entity for copyright assignment, so

that what is free is also defensible in a court of law.


Fund patent filings for inventors in the open

source community, so that dedicated individuals can help to build a protective

patent shield around open source code.

Over time it has become obvious that people are expecting

more from this foundation than was ever planned to deliver–the scope of the

foundation has been expanding so rapidly that it has hindered any decent


So what now?

The foundation is to be replaced with the ‘Fedora Project

Board’, this board consists of five RedHat members and four community

members–In addition to these 9 members, a RedHat appointed chairman has veto

over any decisions.
This new board will make all operational decisions

for the Fedora project including budget and the strategic direction of the


For the full story take a look at this post to the fedora-announce list: