Calling all female developers: The open source community wants you put some of your skills and energy towards creating free and open source software. Check out the news article, “Fedora wants to draw in women.”

According to the story, “Open-source project Fedora has launched Fedora Women, a forum and mailing list, in an effort to encourage more female developers to participate in its community.”

The group claims that women already make up a large portion of the Fedora user base. However, “they are often under-represented within the community, with many people not even realizing how big a share of the community they are. The Fedora Women program aims to improve that representation and to provide a forum for the women of the Fedora community.”

Why are women underrepresented in the open source community? There’s already quite a bit of “lively discussion” taking place that attempts to answer this question, such as women choosing not to participate because they’re repulsed by online sexism. Why do you think women are underrepresented? Do you think that the Fedora Women program will successfully get more female developers involved in the open source community?