I mentioned previously that I would post an update on my experience with

Fedora Core 5 once I had a chance to install and use it. What can I

say, the install went without a hitch; the installation interface is

nice and guides a user through the experience pretty painlessly. I had

no issues with hardware drivers, although this is a pretty standard

desktop PC without fancy graphics cards etc.

Once installed and running I have had no problems with the system,

everything works fine, updates download/install correctly and new

packages can be installed via the yum utility (similar to apt on Debian

based systems). All things considered I would say I am much happier

with Fedora Core 5 than with previous releases 3 and 4 (which drove me

crazy due to hardware issues).

That said, it seems a lot of people are unhappy with the state of Fedora

Core 5–some questioning whether it was really ready to be released (http://www.fedoraforum.org/forum/showthread.php?t=101470). Maybe

hardware compatibility is pretty hit and miss with any Fedora release?

I must say that although I have had no issues with Fedoras latest

offering (this poll gives a less individual overview) I still prefer

Ubuntu; so far I have installed this on many different hardware

platforms and not once has an installation failed–the range of packages

in the universe repository is also much more diverse than those

available through yum (I couldn’t find VLC for FC5; I installed it in 20

seconds using apt-get on Ubuntu).

Has anyone else given FC5 a try yet; any comments?