Internet e-mail that’s identified as spam continues to grow each year. Not only does spam hinder employee productivity, but it also poses a security threat to your organization. As a result, many enterprises are turning to spam-filtering software for help.

Our Spam Filter Pack includes three tools, described in detail below, that will help you decide whether spam-filtering software will meet your organization’s needs, choose the right spam-filtering software vendor, and check vendors’ references.

The Gap Analysis: Spam Filter tool’s three detailed worksheets (Requirements, Gap Report, and Solution Benefits) will help you determine whether a gap exists between your current system’s spam-filtering capabilities and your organization’s future requirements. If you establish that a gap exists, our tool will also help you determine if spam-filtering software can help you close those gaps.

The Vendor Selection Checklist: Spam Filter tool’s detailed worksheets (Criteria Ranking, Vendor, and Comparison) will help you assess the spam-filtering software products and services available from various vendors so that your determination is based on the facts and issues most applicable to your organization’s needs.

The Vendor Reference Questionnaire: Spam Filter tool allows you to record important contact and demographic information on up to six separate references. Find out how each reference rates the vendor(s) on 10 critical, technology-specific questions. When you’ve completed the data from all the references you’re contacting, the tool will pull the information into the Comparison worksheet for a side-by-side look at how their vendor ratings stack up.

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