I’m talking about Ubuntu. Yes, a Linux distribution has rocketed light years ahead of all other operating systems in the installation category. How? With the forthcoming release of MS Vista, could an operating system stake a claim on the single most innovative, intuitive, and simple installation process out there?

Ubuntu just did. And that’s exactly what their installation is like. It just is. It’s like Zen and the art of OS installation.

Don’t believe me? Let me tell you what the installation process is like.

  1. Insert install CD (that happens to be a live CD)
  2. Boot computer from live CD
  3. Once OS is up and running click on the Install Icon
  4. Follow the simple directions
  5. Reboot
  6. Yer done

Not only is the installation process a breeze, you can play around with the operating system as it installs! While I was installing Dapper I was happily browsing the web, checking my mail, and playing a game or two. Now you don’t want to be taking care of production-level work while the computer is installing on the hard drive you’re working on. That would be disastrous. But, you can take a peek under the hood before the hood is even added. Nice.

What’s also outstanding about Dapper is it’s ability to detect hardware. On a test install I compared Windows XP vs. Ubuntu and found that XP missed roughly 45% of the hardware on the machine (and all common hardware at that). Ubuntu? Detected everything and everything worked upon first boot.

Simple. Plain and simple.

It didn’t take long for Ubuntu to become my OS of choice. If it weren’t for the installation process, the hardware detection alone would have sold me.

And of course Ubuntu has an outstanding Debian base so you know it’s rock solid.

So if you’re looking for an OS that any given Biped can install, look no further than Ubuntu Linux!