Editor’s note: This article, which originally published on September 19, 2001, was updated by TechRepublic blogger Susan Harkins.

It wasn’t long ago that few countries had enough skilled IT workers, but no more. Just like Americans, many citizens of both developed and undeveloped countries now view IT as their ticket to financial success.

In part one of this series, I covered where to look for information about work permits and visas. Here’s a look at where to find resources to help you locate work overseas. (Part three will cover teaching and volunteer opportunities abroad.)

Web resources for finding work overseas

Despite the obstacles you might face in securing a contract with a foreign company, you may be able to land a contract if you’re willing to put in some research and be patient. Here are several Web sites where you can find leads on contract work abroad and additional information:

“Leading contractor site.” Contractor UK is geared primarily towards Brits looking for contract work in the UK, Europe, and beyond, but you can also use it to search for available positions, including many short-term projects. Work permit requirements are not always stated, but you can e-mail for more information.
Ireland. IT Jobs Ireland features links to companies that are hiring in IT in Ireland and offers additional information, including how to get a work permit.
Australia. CareerOne.com.au provides search capabilities for Australian jobs in many fields, including Internet/new media, technology, and telecommunications. The results list both permanent and contract positions, although they’re geared to the local job market.

However, Aussie friendliness is legendary — try using the contact information posted for many positions to get your foot in the door at an agency. If you impress a good contact, he or she may be willing to start the sponsorship process if you’re qualified.

Anywhere. Check to see if the job search engines you’re already using offer international search options. For example, at Dice.com, click the Advanced search link and then, click the State/Country tab and choose a country from the dropdown list. Because Dice is predominantly a U.S. job board, the companies posting jobs here seem more willing to help you get permits for working abroad.

In addition, both Monster and CareerBuilder now host international job sites.

What sites would you add to this list?

If you live outside of the United States, or if you’ve done IT contracting work overseas, what Web sites would you recommend to contractors?

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