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All of the services included with Windows 2000 Server feature
Help content. Microsoft includes this content to help users understand how the
service works and to learn how to configure it.

However, sometimes you might need to find information about
a topic on a server that doesn’t have the service installed. Or, you might be
considering installing a service on the server, but you need to get more
information before making up your mind.

Did you know that Windows setup installs Help files for
services during Windows 2000 Server installation even when it hasn’t installed the
service itself or the service is available? While you can always browse the
\%systemroot%\Help folder for the Help file you’re looking for, there’s an
easier way to locate the Help files for some of the most common services.

Follow these steps:

  1. On the
    server, go to Start | Programs | Administrative Tools, and open the
    Configure Your Server applet.
  2. In the
    left pane, select the service for which you want help.
  3. In the
    right pane, click the Learn More link.

This process opens the Help file for the target service
without installing or enabling the service.