You can use Microsoft Access’ Simple Query Wizard to quickly
find summary information on two or more joined tables. For example, suppose at
the end of each month you need to create a report summarizing each employee’s
average, minimum, and maximum hours worked per week for the month of June. You
can find the information in two tables, Employees and Hours Worked, which are
joined by Employee ID number.

In order to produce the report in minutes, simply follow
these steps.

  1. In the
    database window, click Queries under Objects.
  2. Double-click
    the Create query by using the wizard.
  3. Under
    Tables/Queries, select Employees, and move Employee ID, First Name, and
    Last Name fields from the Available fields column
    to the Selected Fields column.
  4. Under
    Tables/Queries, select the Hours Worked table and move the Hours and WeekEnding fields from the Available Fields column to
    the Selected Fields column.
  5. Click Next and select Summary.
  6. Click
    the Summary Options button, then click the Avg,
    Min, and Max check boxes, and click OK.
  7. Click Next, select Month, and click Finish.

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