While you’ve been intrigued by the promise of wireless technology, you’re having a difficult time determining how pervasive wireless will be. To help you gain a better understanding of wireless technology, here are four TechRepublic articles that offer insights into this trend:

  • In ”Wireless technologies will change business computing, Gartner predicts,” analysts Phillip Redman and Peter Richardson forecast that although wireless LANs will continue to evolve, other devices that use wireless technology will drop off the map. The article, taken from a session at Gartner’s U.S. Symposium/ITxpo, also makes predictions about the spread of Bluetooth through 2004.
  • Thinking about installing a wireless LAN? If you want to see what your peers think about them, read our survey results on the use of wireless LANs by TechRepublic members. The survey, featured in the IT Manager Republic, examines how members are putting their wireless LANs to work, discusses the benefits of wireless they find most compelling, and explores the reasons why other members aren’t using wireless LANs.
  • If you’re trying to understand how Wireless Application Protocol works, check out this two-part series from NetAdmin Republic, which provides an overview of WAP. Part one delves into specifications, discusses how WAP works, and makes predictions on the WAP marketplace. Part two discusses a WAP emulator, the database structure, and the use of WAP in a program.

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