Are you an IT professional in need of a specific vendor service or product? Whether you’re seeking help with a WAN or LAN implementation, support help, or another form of IT assistance, your search is over. TechRepublic’s vendor directory, IT Vendor Direct, is an informative source for IT products and services that you can use to find assistance on projects ranging from application development to e-commerce initiatives to network infrastructure and all challenges in between.

What is IT Vendor Direct?
TechRepublic’s vendor directory lists IT products and services vendors by category and provides a convenient e-mail alert service that can help you track new offerings. Thus, it’s much easier for you to search and find the IT assistance you need. No longer do you have to sort through a large list of vendors and bear the burden of determining which offer the services you require. Nor do you have to visit each vendor’s Web site for its product or service information. TechRepublic’s vendor directory collects all of this information in a single location.

For example, if you are looking for a company that specializes in application development, you can click on the Application Development link to find a list of subcategories. After selecting the subcategory appropriate to your needs, you’ll see a listing of specific vendors offering such services, as well as a quick description for each. Clicking on a vendor reveals information such as:

  • The vendor’s name and address
  • The vendor’s telephone numbers
  • Contact e-mail addresses for the vendor
  • Vendor Web page links
  • Customer listings
  • Strategic partners
  • A more detailed company description

IT Vendor Direct provides these master categories:

  • Application Development
  • Back Office Applications
  • Computers and Peripherals
  • Electronic Commerce
  • Financial Services Technologies
  • Front Office Applications
  • Intranet and Electronic Workplace
  • IT Services
  • Networking and Communications
  • Software Infrastructure

You can search IT Vendor Direct by region, browse companies alphabetically, browse vendor products, view a category description, or become a participating vendor.

How did IT Vendor Direct get its start?
Originally, TechRepublic designed a vendor directory for its members to list their services for TechRepublic passport holders. In order to reach a wider range of vendors and IT professionals and provide additional information, TechRepublic joined with Gartner to provide an unbiased database of participating vendors to present to TechRepublic members.

Figure A shows IT Vendor Direct’s interface.

Figure A
IT Vendor Direct: Your unbiased source for IT products and services direct from vendors.

Enjoy the benefits
Thanks to the new vendor directory, TechRepublic members now enjoy more than just easy access to today’s top IT vendors.

As your one-stop interactive resource, the vendor directory provides an unbiased look at a vendor’s product or service to give you the insight you need. Each company profile has been approved by the IT Vendor Direct team to ensure it’s free of vendor hype, so you won’t find meaningless phrases such as “we’re the best” and “this product is recommended by x.” Instead, you’ll find accurate information on each vendor that you can use to help shape knowledgeable purchasing decisions.

Product alerts via e-mail
For those who want to keep pace with vendor product announcements, the vendor directory also offers a special e-mail service. By subscribing to IT Vendor Direct’s E-mail Alert, you will receive a weekly e-mail with titles and summaries of IT vendor product announcements and links to the IT Vendor Direct site for full product descriptions.

How can I visit the vendor directory?
You can find a link to IT Vendor Direct on the left navigation bar, listed under Resources as Vendor Directory. (If you are using the new TechRepublic Beta site, you will find a link to IT Vendor Direct on the navigation link labeled Vendors at the top of the page). You can also get to the IT Vendor Direct page by clicking here.
If you are interested in learning more about IT Vendor Direct, please visit the About IT Vendor Direct page by clicking here, or choose the link from the IT Vendor Direct Web page.