When debugging a web page, the last thing one needs is to have the browser crash under the memory-hogging ability of a plug-in. All web developers have been there with Firebug and its propensity to make a web page either incredibly slow or take the browser down with it.

Firebug is still my web debugger of choice, but Firefox has taken steps towards closing the gap with its new Firefox 10 release. The video below shows off the new features:

The Scratchpad is a nifty idea and is much better to use than tapping away in the Error Console or Firebug’s console.

I’d love to see Firefox’s built-in tooling get to be on a par with Firebug’s, simply to alleviate the memory usage — when devs complain that Firefox is slow, my first question is whether they have Firebug enabled. I’ll be disabling Firebug and seeing how far I can get with Firefox’s tolling on its own.

Firefox 10 is the first release to be branded an Extended Support Release, meaning that it will have security patches for its 54-week life. The extended support releases are intended to give organisations and enterprises the ability to deploy Firefox without keeping pace with Firefox’s new increased release tempo.