Firefox version was released by Mozilla on Friday, the third in the month of November. It fixes a stability problem in the previous version, and all Firefox users are “strongly recommended” to upgrade to this latest release.

This latest update of the open-source Web browser comes hot on the heels of version, released on October 18, version on November 1, and version on November 26. So, if you’re a Firefox user, you are certainly not alone in getting lots of software update messages from your Web browser recently.

According to CNET

Version broke a feature that lets images be displayed with special effects such as rotated pictures and image reflections, according to Mozilla’s bug-tracking site. The problem was fixed within a day and distributed within five, but not before some whose sites were affected by the bug had voiced frustration.

In the meantime, you might be interested to know that the next version of the browser, Firefox 3, should reach second beta in the latter part of December if all goes well.