Today is the scheduled launch of Firefox 3.0. For a look at the latest version of Mozilla’s browser, check out the post from ZDNet blogger Adrian Kingsley-Hughes in which he discusses new features and provides his first thoughts about the final version. Also, take a look at his photos of Firefox 3.0:

TechRepublic blogger Steven Warren suggests that you check out the Firefox 3 Add-ons manager. He writes, “What I am really enjoying about Firefox 3 is the ability to search Add-ons right from the window.”

And, if you’re interested in helping set a Guinness World Record, don’t miss TechRepublic blogger Jack Wallen‘s plea for open source advocates to join in the Firefox Download Day. He asks, “But I wonder something…what about those people (like myself) that tend to install with apt-get. Will those downloads count? Or what about the fact that some will download it once and install it on many machines? Ah, there’s the rub when trying to tally up numbers for Linux.” Be sure to take Jack’s poll to share whether you plan to download Firefox 3.0 today.

Additional Firefox 3.0 resources