Mozilla has introduced Firefox 3.6 overnight with a number of advancements, including a 20 per cent faster TraceMonkey JavaScript engine than that of version 3.5.

If you’re a fan of Opera, another pre-alpha version of 10.50 has been released, but for Windows only.

YouTube has announced yesterday that it’s implementing HTML5 video, but surprisingly Firefox and Opera won’t be getting the new feature, despite their support for the HTML5 standard.

The number of available IPv4 addresses is running out with less than 10 per cent available. The Number Resource Organization NSO is pushing for everyone to start adopting IPv6.

Also making news this week, at just nine years of age, Marko from Macedonia has become the youngest Microsoft certified systems administrator, and Bill Gates has launched a new website, Gates Notes where he plans to share his thoughts on a variety of topics from his foundation to his travels. Gates has also joined Twitter recently, under @BillGates.

In feature articles we looked at how to make the most out of your performance review, Chrome extensions worth checking out and SpringSource’s take on Java’s past and future.

In videos, we explain China’s attack on Google and Intel’s new wireless laptop display.

–Posted by Lana Kovacevic.