Firefox is starting a new marketing campaign to try to alter habits of the average online user. Altering any habit is hard and the average person will most likely stay with Internet Explorer. Mozilla Foundation’s new strategy for Firefox can be compared to a politician’s grassroots campaign where they target the community to gain support. Salesmen call it selling back to the base.  Will it work? It is probably a long shot but I admire the idea. It just might help Firefox get above 10 percent of the browser market.  

On TechRepublic, the zealots hate Microsoft and all it stands for. This is not the case for the average non technical user. They like Microsoft products. Hard to believe isn’t it? Getting the average user to change their patterns will be a daunting task but the marketing strategy that Mozilla is using is admirable.

“According to Paul Kim, director of product marketing for Mozilla, the first elements of the promotional campaign will kick off over the next several weeks and rely heavily on existing users of Firefox to help convince other people to try out the browser. The first stage of the initiative will consist of a program known as the Firefox Flicks campaign, which will consist of 30-second video testimonials from existing users of the browser about why they prefer the technology.”

Excerpt taken from Firefox Faces Uphill Battle, Analysts Predict, by Matt Hines

What do you think about the new campaign?