Firefox: Greens want it, 3.5rc2 not up to par

This week's roundup looks at the situation surrounding a campaign to change Outlook HTML renderer, a Greens MP wants to install Firefox but is restricted and all the photos from the iPhone 3GS launch.

I have to admit that I still do not understand the motivation to line up in the middle of a winter's night for an updated iPhone. Nevertheless the iPhone faithful turned out last night to get their hands on the device.

During the week Victorian Premier John Brumby announced that the state will hire 200 computer technicians for its schools as computers for the Federal government's Digital Education Revolution make their way to students.

In the ACT, Greens MP Caroline Le Couteur made a complaint about not being able to install Firefox. On the Firefox flip side, Jack Wallen wrote about why he is not so impressed with Firefox 3.5 release candidate 2.

Meanwhile in the world of Microsoft, a campaign to ask the Redmond giant to replace the Word rendering of HTML emails with a proper renderer (i.e. a browser, say IE8) was responded to and largely ignored.

We also looked at the roots of agile project management and 10 reasons why open source makes sense on smartphones.