Firewalls are one of the most basic security measures that
you must have in place to protect your systems. We’ve gathered some of the most
frequently asked questions regarding firewalls here and invited our expert, David
M. Davis, to answer them and provide some additional resources.

The FAQ list will be constantly evolving, so you’re invited
to send us other questions you may have. Just e-mail them to us
or post them in the discussion area at the end of this FAQ.

What is a firewall?

Why would you want a

Is a proxy server a

What is NAT?

Do firewalls stop
viruses, Trojans, adware, and spyware?

How do I know that my
firewall is really protecting my network?

What are the different
types of firewalls?

What do VPNs have to do
with firewalls?

If I have a firewall, do
I have a DMZ?

What are IDS and IPS?
Also, what do they have to do with firewalls?

What is a DoS attack and
will a firewall protect me from it?

How do you configure,
monitor, and control a firewall?

How do I know what
firewall I should use for my business?

What are some new
features to look for in firewalls?

How can I configure an
inexpensive firewall for my company?

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Firewalls FAQ
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