Gizmodo has the scoop of a Google Android prototype phone. According to a user who tested it for a day, this early prototype feels light and faster than the desktop emulator at times.

Excerpt from Gizmodo:

Even in early form, it’s light and fast, much faster than the desktop emulator at times. And as a longtime programmer, [Gizmodo’s source] he thinks it’s a lot more put together than Window Mobile 5 on the back side of things. It’s a prototype, so things will obviously change, but these are all great signs. I just pray that hardware by other makers is a lot more adventurous.

Though positioned mainly as a consumer smartphone, it is not inconceivable that the open nature of the Android platform will find itself implemented into enterprise applications. Just think of the money that some courier companies spend just to create their own tracking systems. What if they swapped it out for an Android-based phone?