There you have it. Barely one week after our report on the first native “Hello World!” application in First native non-Apple iPhone application says: Hello World!, the first native iPhone application that actually does something useful is now available.

In case you still don’t get it, this is not the Web 2.0 stuffs but a real, full-fledged, native iPhone application with its own icon in the iPhone home screen. According to Gizmodo, the application is MobileTerminal, “a terminal emulator application for the iPhone.”

Note that this is not an SSH client but merely a terminal to access the iPhone’s own local console.

Excerpt from the Gizmodo write-up:

While most iPhone users won’t find a terminal emulator exciting, there are plenty of reasons to get thrilled about this development. First and foremost, this is the first iPhone native graphical application done without an official SDK from Apple (there are others, but they are low-level.) This means that hackers are steady at work trying to do useful stuff with the JesusPhone beyond unlocking it and that more applications will follow.

Gizmodo put forth the theory that since this project is hosted by Google Code, Apple is implicitly giving the nod to this kind of development, or better yet, that Apple will be releasing an SDK.

This was the same hypothesis that I put forth in The truth about the iPhone’s lack of SDK, which was posted back in June.

Well, hope I made your Saturday. You folks have a great weekend in the meantime.