When TechRepublic launched the Google in the Enterprise Blog in June 2011, we made a simple statement of purpose:

The topics covered in this blog will range from the initial planning of a migration to Google Enterprise Apps to the various keystroke shortcut keys you can use for easier navigation inside the apps. We’ll be looking at Chrome OS and the new Chromebooks and we will continue to find quick tips that will make your interaction with Google applications more efficient and productive.

To that end we published a multitude of posts in just the six months since June; here are the most popular.

Top 7

1.       Gmail’s new look: Why did they do it and what’s next?

Takeaway: Google is changing the look of Google apps for very specific reasons that you need to know about, especially as it concerns the future of Google+.

Editor’s note: This is a common theme throughout the year – Google Apps are continuously being changed and you have to be able to accept that if you are using them in your enterprise.

2.       The 40 most important Google Apps keyboard shortcuts

Takeaway: Keyboard shortcuts can save you time and reduce your dependence on the mouse. To help with that goal, Kevin Purdy has compiled a list of the 40 most important Google Apps keyboard shortcuts.

3.       The difference between Gmail, a Google Account, an Apps Account, and an Apps for Business Account

Takeaway: There are four types of Google email accounts. Susan Cline explains the difference between each type and how they apply to enterprise users.

4.       Four ways Google+ will end up in your workplace

Takeaway: Ignore the wider implications of Google+ at your professional peril. The future of Google+ is unclear, but there are pieces and planned features that could disrupt the way you communicate and work with others.

5.       Gmail for iPhone and iPad is a must-grab upgrade

Takeaway: Gmail makes for a great app that any Google Apps user should have on their Apple iOS device. Kevin Purdy explains why.

6.       You, yourself, and Google: Managing your personal search ranking

Takeaway: Google has released a few tools to help you monitor where and how your name shows up in a search ranking. Kevin Purdy shows you how to edit your Google Profile.

7.       The truth about seven persistent Google Docs myths

Takeaway: Susan Cline puts to rest seven persistent myths concerning Google Docs with an exploration of the truth.