If you and your business are always on the go, you probably
could benefit from an app that enables you to immediately invoice your clients.
Too many mobile businesses rely on paper, email, or other non-task-specific
apps or tools to invoice clients. Not only is that unprofessional, it’s
inefficient and a good way to forget or lose client billing information. If you
have an Android tablet or smartphone, you could easily install an app designed
specifically for this task and get your invoicing up to modern-day standards.

If you do a search for “invoice” on the Google Play Store, you’ll
come up with quite a number of hits. Out of those hits I have weeded out which
of those I believe are best suited to help small business users take work on
the go without missing a single bill. Let’s examine these top five apps.

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Five apps

1. Invoice2Go

is probably my top choice is this particular list because it’s not only a full
featured invoice tool, it also has one of the better interfaces to help make
the process of billing highly intuitive (Figure A).

Figure A

Invoice2Go running on the Verizon-branded Samsung Galaxy Tab.

The feature list includes: Create invoices (Figure B),
estimates, credit, memos, and purchase orders; over twenty invoice templates;
supports products and services; include PayPal buttons for quick payment; keep
track of outstanding bills; invoice preview; email as PDF, create estimates and
quotes; convert estimates/quotes into invoices; inventory; auto tax
calculations and configurations; twelve drill-down reports; and more.

Figure B

Creating an invoice with Invoice2Go.

Within the product you can also add on apps for Calendaring,
barcode scanning, maps, document signing, and account statements. Invoice2Go
does require an account and you can
sign up for the unlimited free trial. However, once you’ve created your first
three documents, you will have to upgrade from the free trial. The Starter plan
is $49.00 per year and allows you to create 100 documents. The app is $9.99 or
you can try the free version which
limits you to the number of documents and items you can create.

2. Zoho Invoice and Time Tracking

Invoice and Time Tracking
requires you have a Zoho account – but if you’re
already using the powerhouse groupware tool, Zoho Invoice makes for a perfect
extension. With this app you can use ready to use templates, categorize
expenses, accept online payments, track time, print and download invoices,
track payment status, and much more. The Zoho Invoice tool is integrated with
Google Apps for more power and flexibility. The interface for Zoho Invoice is
clean (almost minimal – Figure C) and gives you quick access to creating
a new invoice/contact/estimate, record expense, and add time entry.

Figure C

The Zoho Invoice main interface.

You can also set payment terms, auto-generate invoice
numbers, add notes and terms/conditions to invoices (Figure D).

Figure D

Adding payment terms for invoices.

The app is free, but you will have to subscribe to Zoho with
paid plans starting at $15/month.

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3. Invoice Control

is a much more basic app, but for those needing the bare minimum
(at no cost), Invoice Control is for you. It is a free, ad-based app (Figure
) that can function for anyone needing simple, on the go invoicing.

Figure E

On the go invoicing.

One nice feature of Invoice Control is that it is a
multi-user environment – so you can have more than one employee use the tool.
The app also features: Invoice creation (Figure F) customer management,
product/inventory control, quote generation in PDF format, generation partial
invoices, include company logo, choose color of invoice header, import data
from spreadsheets, backup data, send invoices through Whatsapp or Line, save invoices
into Dropbox account, scan barcodes, mark invoices as sent or paid.

Figure F

Creating an invoice with Invoice Control.

You can also integrate Invoice Control with Control Expenses (by
the same company) to help track spending.

4. Invoice Maker Pro

Maker Pro
is another bare-bones, but effective invoicing tool. With an easy
to use interface (Figure G) that offers little to no learning
curve, you can have Invoice Maker Pro up and running with little time and zero

Figure G

The Invoice Maker main window.

You do not have to sign up for any plans and the app is
free. The feature list of Invoice Maker Pro includes: Preview invoices directly
from device, email invoices as attachments, auto-calculate sales tax, track
invoice payments, view clients unpaid balance, customize PDF with company logo,
assign unique codes to each client (Figure H), auto backup of invoices,
generate invoices as estimates, support for over one hundred currencies, and

Figure H

Creating a new client with Invoice Maker Pro.

5. Street Invoice Beta

Street Invoice
is, as the name implies, currently in beta. Even so, the application
is solid and powerful. During the beta testing period, the app is free to use,
which allows you to see just how much invoicing power you can have in your
hands. Street Invoice Beta features: Invoice/bill on the spot, include PayPal
link with invoice, create preview estimates, pull customer contact information
from phone or tablet, email printed invoices/statements/receipts, print
invoices on the go, wireless sync across all mobile and desktop devices, live
back office reporting, and much more. With a clean interface (Figure I),
you can quickly navigate through all the functions of the app.

Figure I

The Street Invoice Beta main window.

One of best features of Street Invoice Beta is the ability
to use it for multiple companies. Simply create as many companies as you need
and then select which company to apply an invoice to in the Invoice Options (Figure

Figure J

Making use of the multi-company feature.

Bottom line

If you’re looking to take your small business on the go,
fear not, there are plenty of apps to help you easily meet this challenge. To
ensure invoicing and billing is efficient and accountable, give one of these
Android apps a go – your clients and your company will thank you for it.