One of the most underrated features of Word 2013 is its ability to run apps. While it might seem silly to run an app within an app, doing so can provide a great deal of new functionality. You can install or launch Word 2013 apps by clicking on the Ribbon’s Insert tab and then clicking the Apps For Office button and following the prompts. Here are five useful apps for Word 2013 to kick things off.

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1: Consistency Checker

Consistency Checker (Figure A) is a free utility that works similarly to a grammar checker. The thing that differentiates Consistency Checker from a run-of-the-mill grammar checker is that it checks for things grammar checkers typically overlook. Specifically, the utility tries to verify consistency within your documents. For example, it will let you know if you hyphenated a word in one location but not in another. And it will check to see whether you express numbers as numerals (1, 2, 3, etc.) and in written form (one, two, three, etc.) within the same document.

Figure A

2: Font Finder

Font Finder (Figure B) is handy if you have a large collection of fonts. It can help you to organize those fonts, while also making them easier to use. It also lets you flag fonts as favorites.

Figure B

Font Finder categorizes your fonts by type (classic, handwriting, retro, etc.). Clicking on a font category displays all the fonts within that category. A built-in search engine lets you to track down the fonts you need. Once you find a font you like, simply select text within your document and click on the font to apply it.

3: Free Legal Forms

Free Legal Forms (Figure C) is provided by Legal Zoom. Although this app doesn’t give you full access to the entire Legal Zoom library, it does offer about a dozen forms — and you can access additional forms online by clicking the More button.

Figure C

Forms include a bill of sale, a pet-sitting agreement, and a nondisclosure agreement. Clicking on any of these options opens the form in Word.

4: Sticky Notes for Office

The Sticky Notes For Office app (Figure D) is one of the simplest apps available, but it’s useful nonetheless. It lets you turn Word’s app space into a place to post reminders to yourself. Simply click the New Note button and compose your sticky note. The note will be displayed on the right side of the interface until you either delete it or close the app.

Figure D

5: WordCalc

WordCalc (Figure E) turns Word’s app space into a calculator. When you enter an expression and press Enter, it displays the results within the app. One great thing about WordCalc is that it displays your last several calculations. It also supports basic math and functions such as SIN, COS, and LOG.

Figure E

Other apps?

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