Some of my recent endeavors have required me to spend an insane amount of time studying for exams. There has been a lot of pressure to learn vast quantities of difficult information as quickly as possible. Thankfully, a number of apps have helped me in the study process. This article lists five general purpose study apps that are useful for anything from studying for hard core science exams, to IT certifications.

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1: Anki

Anki (Figure A) is a free electronic flash card application, and it’s one of the apps I have been using the most. Admittedly, the study interface is a bit more complicated than I would like it to be, but the software does have certain redeeming qualities.

Figure A

Anki allows you to place just about any content imaginable onto flash cards. I have created hundreds of cards containing rich text, diagrams, and even mathematical formulas.

2: Knightlite TestMaker

Knightlite TestMaker (Figure B) is another tool I’ve been using in my studies. To be fair, Knightlite TestMaker isn’t so much a study tool as a tool to help teachers to create exams. However, I have found that the software works really well for creating mock multiple-choice exams.

Figure B

This software not only allows you to create exams, but also to quiz yourself using the questions that you have created. Knightlite TestMaker sells for $49.95, but a free trial version is available for download.

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3: CueCard

CueCard (Figure C) is another free app for creating electronic flashcards. Although CueCard is a somewhat lightweight tool, it does allow you to incorporate pictures and sounds into your flashcards.

Figure C

CueCard also enables the printing of single-sided cards, double-sided cards, and study sheets.

4: StudyMinder Homework System

StudyMinder Homework System (Figure D) is completely different from the other apps on this list. While the other apps are geared toward the act of studying, StudyMinder is designed to help you stay on track with your studies. Think of it as a project management tool for students.

Figure D

On the surface, StudyMinder looks like a calendar app (and it is). But the app contains a number of useful features that would never exist in a generic calendar application. For instance, it contains a study timer, a GPA calculator, and class and homework schedules.

StudyMinder Homework System sells for $29.95, but a free trial is available for download.

5: Lucubee Study Assistant

Lucubee Study Assistant (Figure E) is an electronic flash card tool you can use in English or French mode. It enables you to create or import questions in a manner similar to that of Anki.

Figure E

Like some of the other electronic flash card apps, Lucubee supports the use of pictures in addition to text.

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