Backup and disaster recover (BDR) is on everyone’s minds these days. Why? Because web security is among the most pressing concerns for companies that store and manage data online. With incidents of data disasters on an exponential upswing, the business world is in desperate need of affordable, effective and secure data protection, backup and recovery.

The importance of data recovery

The business in search of just the right solution has about as many options in BDR solutions as there are flavors of UNIX, but not all are created equal and each offers unique value. Some services offer high levels of backup capabilities, but fall short in the recovery department. Recovery is the operative word here. In other words, when a data disaster strikes, it’s all well and good to back up the data, but the recovery time is crucial to maintain a high level of business continuity. Below we’ve featured some BDR providers you might have missed.

Five BDR tools for you to consider

1.Autonomy – Autonomy (an HP company) lauds itself as a one-stop-shop for all data backup needs. They focus on meaning-based solutions for governance, computing and marketing and provide everything from secure online backup to data recovery and disaster recovery services. What’s more, they provide these services for data-centric companies positioned all over the globe.

The company’s services can be used to backup large virtualized environments and, through the use of continuous backup, can provide point-in-time recovery. Autonomy’s LiveVault service features fully automated BDR, rapid recovery (DeltaRestore), optional onsite TurboRestore Appliance, proactive administration, Data Shuttle Service for large data restores, native data de-duplication and encryption key escrow.

2. StorageCraft – StorageCraft is a rapidly growing Utah-based data backup, disaster recovery and complex data management firm. With dedicated desktop, server and virtual server products, StorageCraft eschews flexibility in favor of concentration. These discrete systems are geared toward whatever you might need, up to a specialized cloud image manager and an IT edition on a USB drive, giving IT professionals a suite of tools immediately available wherever they are. Get in the zone and fly through recovery.
3. Flux Data Services – While Flux Data Services is small potatoes compared to other BDR providers, it offers a wide range of powerful backup capabilities at a much lower price point. This service is generally better for small to mid-sized companies looking to bolster their data security by moving to an online backup solution. For $1 a month, businesses can backup 2GB of their accounting files, making it a low-cost, highly targeted service for businesses. Flux also offers advanced data recovery services, in case you find yourself without a proper backup of your critical files.
4. CA Technologies – CA’s ARCserve Replication software is flexible enough that it can handle pretty much anything you throw at it. It supports physical and virtual servers, Windows, Linux, UNIX, DAS, NAS and SANs. Plus, it includes a dedicated physical-to-virtual server migration tool, helping you make the transition to the cloud.

The folks at CA Technologies are offering a rebate for customers that ‘trade up’ to their online backup system. Until December 31st, any customer who upgrades from a competitor’s online backup provider to their BDR system will receive a rebate of $700 per license or up to $15,000 per order.

5. VirtaCore Systems – VirtaCore Systems is an enterprise-class backup and disaster recovery provider powered by the popular cloud-based BDR firm Asigra. The platform utilizes VMware, Cisco and Google cloud computing tools to deliver powerful backup solutions in the cloud. Virtacore’s Cloud Backup service is, predictably, geared mostly toward backing up cloud platforms. With cross-platform support and local or remote recovery options for public, private and hybrid clouds, if you have a cloud system, VirtaCore is a pretty good option.

Finding the right solution for your needs

When shopping for a new online data backup or disaster recovery solution, it’s important to consider the firm’s reputation in the space. Some providers promise you the moon with so-called guaranteed uptime and lightning fast data recovery speeds. Before settling on a service, check out the firm’s record in handling actual catastrophes, perhaps by asking other businesses or through a search of customer narratives. The bottom line is that you can’t afford to bank your business on a backup service that won’t deliver. Be smart about this one. Your business depends on it.