According to a recent analyst report from Avanade — and its below infographic — there are several myths IT should watch out for so far as consumerization of IT goes.

These myths fly in the face of what’s generally accepted regarding the explosive IT trend — where increasing amounts of users risk security and challenge policy by bringing in personal devices and services.

Most surveys show IT is behind the eight ball. Not ready. Panicking, even. Avadade, in its survey of 600 IT and C-level information execs, claims it discovered otherwise.

Here’s Myth No. 1 — that IT is resisting consumerization. Hmm. In fact, analysts say, IT is embracing it. Despite perceptions that companies and IT leaders are hesitant to embrace the consumerization of IT, Avanade’s global survey found companies are in fact embracing the change and it is executives at the highest levels in the organization leading the charge,” said analysts who penned the reporter.

in case you don’t speak analyst lingo, that’s your CEO forcing his own iPad in, ruining the RIM only policy you might once have had. Bet some of you’ve seen that.

Myth number two, says Avanade, is that “companies don’t Have the IT resources they need to

manage the consumerization of IT.” Fact is, the report claims, that of the 600 plus IT and C-level staff surveyed “91 percent of C-level executives and 75 percent of IT decision makers said their IT department today has the staff and resources needed to manage the use of consumer technologies. Further, the majority of IT decision makers (62 percent) and C-level executives (84 percent) say it is a relatively simple matter to integrate the employee-owned devices, applications and online services into the enterprise IT system.”

Really? Is this true for your enterprise. Finally, here are the firm’s COIT myths three — that millennials are driving the trend, four, that users just employ their personal devices to trade cows or show gifs on personal networks and, five, that Apple=COIT.

Android, say the analysts, has already eclipsed Apple in the enterprise in terms of sheer numbers of devices. The consumerization of IT, while perhaps more palatable to IT than previously thought, sure takes some intriguing twists and turns. Stay tuned.