1: Colorize your Outlook messages to identify e-mail from specific senders

A simple but useful way to stay on top of important e-mail is to have Outlook display messages from different people in different colors. Here’s a quick rundown of how to set this up.

2: Customize Outlook’s Contact display

You may be able to work more efficiently with your contact information if you customize the way Outlook displays it. Here’s a look at some alternative ways to view that information.

3: Change the scope of your Outlook Calendar work week

Outlook gives you control over which workdays you display in your calendar, even if you don’t work a standard Monday through Friday schedule. Here’s a look at the options you can use to configure the display.

4: Customize Outlook’s default appointment reminder

By default, Outlook reminds you of appointments 15 minutes before the fact. You can change that warning time to suit your own schedule (or turn it off altogether).

5: Change Outlook’s default window

Want to skip Outlook Today? Configure Outlook to display whatever window or view you want when it launches.

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