Within the TechRepublic community, our members are often our best resource. When members ask something of us, we broadcast the request to our audience and usually get a great response. In case you missed your fellow members’ most recent contributions, we’ve gathered five member-generated downloads for you here.

Five member-generated downloads
These five downloads were created based on community input or were simply e-mailed to us by a TechRepublic member.

  1. “Download our updated consultant evaluation form”
    After posting a consultant evaluation form that didn’t get much traffic, we asked our members to help us improve it. We’ve created two new forms based on our members’ feedback. Download these improved versions.
  2. “Download this project plan template”
    Sometimes Microsoft Project is too cumbersome for small or short-term projects. If you’ve been tasked with a project that doesn’t warrant a full-scale plan in Project, download this Excel spreadsheet template sent in by a TechRepublic member.
  3. “Download this service level agreement for support services”
    Service level agreements (SLAs) specify which services will be furnished to a client. This SLA template, provided by a TechRepublic member, can help consultants craft an SLA for their clients.
  4. Download this sample contract for independent consultants
    Well-written contracts help consultants and their clients by ensuring that both parties understand the services, prices, and contingencies. Use this sample contract, submitted by TechRepublic member and IT consultant Randy Barger, as a guide when preparing your next consulting agreement.
  5. “Download these member resume makeovers”
    Three TechRepublic members had the honor of having their resumes revamped by Nationally Certified Resume Writer Pat Kendall. Download her analyses and compare the before and after versions of these IT resumes.

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