Companies offering the latest in Professional Service Automation (PSA) are bombarding service industries, including IT consulting. PSA promises streamlined service allocation for everything from time and knowledge management to opportunity and workflow management to customer-relationship management.

If you want to know what PSAs can offer your firm, TechRepublic has rounded up five expert opinions about PSA and the future of this growing service industry for the service industries.
If you’re planning to hire a professional service automation vendor, be sure you know what you’re looking for—and what they offer. Download TechRepublic’s checklist for evaluating PSA vendors.
What are the experts saying?

  • Using the Internet for supply chain services
  • How can your business benefit from a PSA solution? Changepoint president Gerry Smith provides examples of successfully implemented PSA solutions and outlines their benefits.

  • Will PeopleSoft survive in the PSA market?
  • As one of the first Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) vendors to enter the market, PeopleSoft must reach beyond extending its enterprise application product to conquer the PSA market. Get the inside scoop from John Weston, vice president for PSA at PeopleSoft.

  • Industry executive sounds off on PSA market
  • Business Engine CEO John O’Neil outlines the similarities of the PSA and customer resource-management markets. O’Neil offers his predictions for who will win the PSA market race.

  • Can professional services automation escape the ERP legacy?
  • In this interview, Mark Davis, vice president of business development and marketing for Evolve, details essential differences between PSA and the treacherous ERP solutions of the past.

  • Novell vice president offers PSA implementation advice
  • How can you avoid the difficulties that plagued traditional ERP implementations during the execution of a PSA solution? Worldwide vice president for Novell Consulting, Alex Salehi, discusses the elements of a successful PSA application rollout.
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