Let’s face it — at some point, you’re going to have the
unlikely task of searching for a new job. When this reality rears its ugly
head, you’ll want to be able to search while you’re at your desktop and while
you’re on the go. In order to do that, you need the right apps for your smartphone. The Android platform has plenty of apps for that purpose. But which ones
are the cream of the crop? I’ve gone through the list of available apps to find
out which jobs search apps offer a superior user experience. Here are my

1. Job Search, Indeed Jobs

The Job Search app has an incredibly easy-to-use mobile front end for the Indeed.com job
search engine. With this handy app, you can search any job field in any country.
Just type in a search string, enter a location (Figure A), and tap the
Search button.

Figure A


Job Search running on a Verizon-branded Samsung Galaxy S4.

With the results of the search, you can either email the job
to yourself (or a friend), view the job (Figure B), or save the job. In
order to save the job, you have to have a free Indeed.com account.

Figure B

Acting on a job search is simple.

To log into your account, tap the My Jobs button (after you
run a search) or tap the Sign in button from the main window. Once you’ve
authenticated, you can save searches, post your resume (via file upload), or
post a new resume. 

2. LinkedIn

The LinkedIn app is not only a great way to search for jobs on your Android phone, it’s also one
of the best job networking tools you’ll ever use. While you’re sharing your
status updates with your LinkedIn followers (Figure C), you can search
for, save, and apply for jobs — plus get insights from industry leaders.

Figure C

The main LinkedIn page on the Android platform.

The method of job application will depend on the job you’re applying for. Some jobs will require you to apply on the company web site,
whereas others offer an easier “Apply” button directly from the job listing.

The LinkedIn interface is quite easy to use. It has a handy
dashboard panel (Figure D) where you can gain quick access to groups,
people, jobs, companies, news, and more.

Figure D

Slide the screen to the right to view your LinkedIn dashboard.

3. Job Search, Simply Hired

The Job Search app by Simply Hired, Inc. claims to have the world’s largest job search engine (a claim made by
many). Even if it isn’t the world’s largest, it does have quite a collection of available
jobs — and the Simply Hired app is the best means of accessing these

From the app’s main window (Figure E), enter your
search string plus the city and tap the Search all US Jobs button.

Figure E

The Simply Hired Job Search main window.

Once you’ve found a listing you like, you can save, email, or
apply (Figure F). The Apply button will open up a web browser and take
you to either the Simply Hired job page or the company job application page.

Figure F

If you’d rather apply for the job on your desktop, email the
job to yourself.

The one caveat to Job Search by Simply Hired is that you can’t apply for
jobs in-app. Outside of that one issue, the application has an incredibly
simple interface and works quite well to help you locate possible
employment opportunities.

4. Jobs

The Jobs app by CareerBuilder also makes the claim to have the largest job data base in
the United States. From my experience, the CareerBuilder app does have one of the slickest
interfaces of all the job apps you’ll find (Figure G). With this tool, you can search jobs, search recommended jobs, save jobs, apply for jobs, post multiple
resumes, get notifications, and sign up for a CareerBuilder account.

Figure G

The Jobs app main window.

Once you’ve done a search, you can then apply for a job with
a single tap (Figure H).

Figure H

You can also save a job to your CareerBuilder account.

Naturally, you can’t apply for a job with the app unless
you have a resume uploaded to your account. You can’t create a resume
from within the app, but you can upload a resume either from a file on your device
or from a Dropbox account. One very nice feature of the CareerBuilder app
resume section is the ability to post multiple resumes to different job titles.

5. Proven Job Search – Craigslist

The Proven Job Search – Craigslist app is actually a front-end for the Craigslist, Simply Hired, and
Beyond Jobs job search services. Don’t let the stigma of Craigslist fool you,
Proven Job Search is a great way of finding location-based jobs from more than
one job site. With this app, you can search for jobs, filter jobs, get expert
advice, search for tips, add favorites, view your “Applied to” jobs, and manage
resumes/cover letters (Figure I).

Figure I

The Proven “dashboard” in action.

This particular entry in the job search category does allow
you to create a new resume in-app (Figure J). You can even export your
resume when you’re done.

Figure J

Creating a resume with Proven is quite easy.

The Proven Job Search app has one of the easiest resume
creators of all the apps on this list. Although you’re typing on a smartphone
keyboard, you can still have a resume up and posted in no time.

The search for your next job doesn’t have to be an
insufferable pain. Mobilize your search with any one of these handy Android
smartphone apps. Hopefully, your search won’t take long, and you’ll be working
your dream job in no time.

What other job search apps do you recommend? Share your experience in the discussion thread below.